This will leave all other data on your disk intact, although most software will need to be reinstalled. Network adapter ndivia not working. It’s a messy solution, but it hasn’t failed me yet. Aug 30, Posts: Monitor your temps too.

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Dunno if it really is off or not now.

Network Adapter Working but no Internet on Suse Fri May 30, 4: May 5, Posts: If a system starts getting wonky, switch the drive. Do you have access to another machine?

I’ve found XP to be worse than at corrupting the hard-drive. Now the consumer RMA’s a board. I doubt you did damage to any hardware.

Review: ASUS A7N8X Deluxe – Mainboard –

Originally posted by Guybo: It sounds like that’s happened to you. Mon Jun 02, 6: Anyhow set everything back to stock and reformat the drive and take it easy in your OCing adventure. Should i RMA Are you shitting me? Should i boot from a boot disk and run that? Originally posted by ugawd: Epox is clearly the second most popular brand, but they are way behind Asus in terms of the units sold. Originally posted by symtrax: You purposely overclock, voiding your warranty and complain how you killed it and then say you want to RMA it?


All times a7n8xx GMT The diff between this and warez is that with warez, companies lose theoretical money- they may have lost a potential sale.

Does it work at 12x? On to the south bridge. You could try ndtwork another XP chip if you can get your hands on it. Want to know if that networo is compatible with Linux?

Or can i run it in a prompt? In any event, I would set everything back to stock speeds, then do a reformat and reinstall if things don’t return to normal. If you need to reset your password, click here.

overclocking killed my network on A7n8X, HELP!!

Then just put the drive back in the XP machine and you’re good to go. Sat May 10, 9: Binary Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Ever since the initial release of the nForce chipset, the platform has been in ascendancy.

As soon as someone comes out and suggests RMAing a mobo they oc’ed the thread should be locked just like if I came out and said “Hey, where can I find Mafia warez? Thus, i know when i RMA it, they’ll throw in their typical hardware setup, try to boot and in all likely hood succeed.


To get a clean install happening get a dos boot disk and format the drive. Anyone that argues different needs to go and take an entry-level finance or economics course.

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