Whatever way you get your video, you can hack it around in Ulead VideoStudio v4. Intel chipset mainboard recommended. Various graphics cards have some selection of features that can help with the MPEG-2 decoding that DVD playing’s all about, but some of these helper features, like hardware motion compensation, actually slightly degrade the image quality. DVD playback quality was also excellent. Where things get interesting, however, is the bundled software that makes the multimedia aspects of this product shine. In the “other stuff” department, many cheapo cards’ software bundles are often forgettable enough that you can confidently slip the discs under the nearest convenient frosty drinks without once looking at the software. With this in mind, let’s take a deeper look at the V Deluxe.

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I’ll try to have a DV capable camcorder for our update. Asus products have become one of the more preferred choices for us at Technoyard. And some have, well, everything. Vertical refresh rate Hz. If you want quality real-time hardware compression of ddeluxe resolution which, in this case, means by high frame rate video, you still need a dedicated capture card. X-mas is the time of mass sales of everything, including 3D accelerators. Like other ASUS “Deluxe” cards, the V comes with their big, chunky LCD shutter-glasses, which let you play your games in 3D by very rapidly blacking out each side in turn, azus synchrony with rapidly switching images on the monitor.

And the adus is slightly redesigned since overclocking of the 3. They’re not long cables, but most video card manufacturers are too stingy to give you any.

Some GeForce2 boards have extra video outputs, some have video input, some have further fancy options. But in a 2D mode the SmartDoctor utility decreases the card’s frequencies lower than the rated delxue, but doesn’t do it always correctly, thus causing some artifacts on a screen.


Driver ASUS AGP-V7700 Deluxe 56.55 (98/ME)

In use, the most notable feature of aagp V Deluxe is that it’s a really really really fast 3D card. The Deluxe version comes in a plastic bag dressed in cardboard box which has a small window through which you can see the card. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

High Quality Video Playback. Introduction With the ongoing battle between ATi and NVIDIA reaching what many would consider a standoff in the high-end 3D performance arena, users are now looking at additional features that each company is offering in their boards. That is why today we will study a wide set of new video cards – “Titans” though it is not complete. You can’t lean to one side and see behind something – the images presented stay exactly the same regardless of your real line of sight to the screen – but there genuinely is more object position data being pumped into your brain.

Besides, in our 3Digest you can get thorough information on performance of these cards on different platforms. EtronTech produces memory chips with 4 ns access time, which corresponds to MHz. With this powerful software you are able to capture video, arrange video clips, edit video footage, save in various formats and much more.

Obviously the file size was enormous due to the resolution and quality settings I used even though I was using MPEG-2 but overall I would have to say I was happy with the results.

The overclocking results are not the obligatory characteristics of a video card.

It makes it easy to push your memory speed up until you start seeing the white-pixel-snow of RAM chips screaming for mercy, and to increase your core speed until you get the Superman-on-bad-acid graphic glitches that indicate when the tiny plate-juggling goblins inside the card are starting to lose their grip on the china. The 3D glasses seemed to work well in only one game I tested Expendable and it looked fantastic!


At last the developers released normal drivers for video dekuxe for the Windows XP ver. But if you want all of the extras at a surprisingly good price, Deluxr flagship card could be just what you’re after.

Review: ASUS AGP-V Deluxe GeForce2 GTS graphics card

You can often measure better core overclocking improvements by dropping the resolution, depending on your CPU and the load a given game puts on it, but with a GeForce2 you’re then talking the difference between a zillion frames per second and a zillion and twelve. But there are differences. You can estimate image quality obtained with the help of video capture it is controlled by a multi-purpose processor from Philips of the series – ADC and DAC in one. Overclocking Like pretty much every other current video card, you can run the V Deluxe faster than stock speed.

There are various compression “codecs” available for free download which you can fool around with in the ASUS software, but even with a cutting edge CPU you’ll have a hard time matching the quality of uncompressed video – which is very bulky. For estimation of 3D quality we used: GeForce2s run pleasingly cool compared with the earlier GeForce chip, and so pretty much any old chip cooler will do the job.

And they pretty much all have 32 megabytes of video memory, though some pricey units have 64Mb, which can actually make a difference in games with tons and tons of texture data, but still often doesn’t.

Hardware color space conversion and filtering YUV 4: The included driver-and-utility disc that comes with the V Deluxe is version 5.

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