My tendency is to hit it square to off-the-toe. Less dispersion and side spin for me. I found I could really go after it and not worry about sending it OB right. I previously owned an FT-3 with the NV stiff shaft. I only had the FT-i driver for a day, before trading it in for an FT

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If you put a big outside-in swing on it, the FT-i is still tf5 of peeling a nice banana for you. I also enjoy the higher trajectory of the FT-i. Which one is easier to shape the ball?

My drives were at least 20 yards farther than with my old driver. I did also notice that on mishits the ball was no where near as long a regular drives. Callawag Ft-i is straight and long.

Callaway FT-5 Drivers

It hits straight, far and sounds like a car crash when you hit it. I have hit it only a few times, so I will have to return and give my on-course opinion. Heres my review of the club.

Other models may have higher MOI, but this one just works so well! The draw bias allows me to really slug the ball and maintain great controll re-gaining the minimum loss of distance.

Today’s Golfer

Once I got to the range I warmed up and then hit probably 20 balls all dead straight right to my target… BUT my ball flight was lower than I would of liked. The face of the FT-i is deep, but not as wide as the FT I love this stick!


There was no calalway increase in distance, and I quickly had buyers remorse for spending that much money on a driver that will do little to improve my game.

And yards further. I shot a 78 one week ago, i now have chances at birdies as opposed to always callaaway short off the tee and hoping for bogey, hands down the best club i have ever put in my bag, i am now a As an FT-3 player, the FT-5 is a step forward, but probably not enough to justify buying a new driver if you still like the previous model which I really do.

Callaway FT-5 Tour Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

It may be psychological…but it seems as if my control now is even better. At this point, I would mainly recommend it to higher handicappers who really struggle off the tee, especially with getting their drives airborne. Discontinued This item is no longer available These items may be similar: However, a bucket of balls, changes to my set up, a few explatives and alas I began to see a flicker of light at the palatable end of the range. Open at Oakmont Journal: The only thing I can deduce is that the lighter weight in comparison to my old driver was causing me to close the face of the FT at impact.

I love this thing. I am not used to hitting so straight so it took a couple rounds to adjust to hitting where I aim instead of planning for a small fade. The shape is almost square at address, with a crease down the top that gives the driver the look of a square pepper. Both Tour versions have a small Callaway chevron the V-shaped logo on the face to help set them apart from the standard versions.


But know going in that the FT-i design will keep your ball in play, but not produce miraculous distance on bad swings. What is the difference between an FT-5 tour and FT-5, besides the shaft weight and availability of The fade option that was available on the FT-3 has been relegated to the Tour versions of the new drivers. The FT-i should help with your swing plane in the back callawaay forward swing.

Thinking that newer technology would produce more distance off the tee with less effort and less strain on my tired back, I took a shot at the FT-5 based on rave reviews all over the web. After playing my buddies FT I all last season I took the plunge and got the reg.

If you dont struggle with hitting fairways I would go with something else, because i know their are drivers that hit the ball further than the ft-i. Anything that helps make the game more enjoyable for the average higher handicap player has to be a good thing. Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

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