However, as the kernel scanner driver has been removed from Linux I will only describe how to use the scanner with libusb. Thanks to them, and all the other contributors for all their work. For updating , you can also download the smaller packages ca. The firmware is not hosted on my pages, so no guarantees Thanks to Mustek for providing the firmware files and answering questions. You may need to create this directory.

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Copy this line to gt68xx. For other scanners, check the CD for.

Support for buttons is missing. It was originally located at http: Especially if you test new or untested scanners, keep your hand at the scanner’s plug and unplug it, if the head bumps at the end of the scan area.

Most scanners should work with sane-backends 1. Option override is used to override the default model parameters. Empty lines and lines starting with a hash mark are ignored.


GT , Tube GT; R̦hre GT ID, IC РIntegrated

Mustek SCSI scanners are supported by the mustek backend. Please contact us if you find a bug or missing feature: I provide grandtechh to the files themselves wherever possible. Higher debug levels increase the verbosity of the output. Product id granstech works, use override “artec-ultima”. The file can also contain option lines. You may need to create this directory.

Or use whatever directory you want, but you must specify the path in gt68xx. These are the scanners that are supported or may be supported by the backend.

This is BETA software. Sergey Vlasov’s gt68xx driver was used to create this backend. Product id 0x does not work at all, that’s a different chip.

sane-gt68xx (5) – Linux Man Pages

Please use the latest version of the gt68xx backend. It comes with source code for the higher level functions.

To get your scanner running, you need a firmware file. Works with override “artec-ultima”. You really need gf-6801 firmware file for your specific scanner. The status in the table refers to the latest backend version available on this page.


The scan slider should move back now. In that case, you may also need backend frandtech. When you want to update to a new version, just unpack the gt68xx backend in the sane-backends directory of a snapshot and run make distclean.

The overridefirmwarevendormodeland afe options must be placed after the usb line they refer to. Please use grandtsch 1. Precompiled packages are usually called “libsane” or “sane-backends”. Is detected, scanning may not work, try without calibration, use override “mustek-scanexpressusb”.

This is not about Microsoft Windows. For these scanners there are already commented out override lines in the configuration file.

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