Essentially I’m trying to figure out if I can close the face without adding loft, but it appears even setting D2, which claims to be a draw bias, is just more upright, but the face is open. Has anyone else ran into anything like this. Monday, April 16, Any thoughts would be welcome Thanks guys. Arguably the most outstanding in the field; classic, crisp feel on center hits with plenty of feedback to the hands.

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Please login to post a comment. Most find it as long or a bit longer than their own club.

D2 Driver setting question ? – Golf Clubs – Team Titleist

If so, does this have to be done through Titleist or can I order the shaft and replace it myself? Posted 16 February – A real standout; gives information you need on every shot—instantaneous, clean, crisp, responsive, springlike feel. Several testers hit it longer than their own; off-center hits go nearly as far as center hits; adjustability leads to longer drives.

Its two-axis system enables you to dial in proper launch, spin and direction. So I’m wondering titleish anyone can lift the fog for me on this one? I don’t like looking at an open face Now 90 worries me about A3 is I bought a But now I see the settings are perhaps a bit missleading?


Thanks for any feedback on this subject. Monday, April ot, GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. Balanced feel during swing leads to a soft yet crisp impact sensation. Tops in playability, near the top of its class in distance, forgiveness and look.

910 D2- Loft adjustment

Any thoughts would be welcome. Mis-hits get a decent amount of help, causing minimal distance loss.

Other stand-out features include: Compact, cc head has a “fast” face insert to increase ball speed and distance. It is important to note that the face angle does changes 1 degree for every 0. February 23, at The left-handed chart can be seen in the slideshow below.

Titleist D2, D3 Drivers, Reviews and Test Results

That’s if Kev is correct, then it means that ‘draw’ bias setup is going to result in a 1. Otherwise I’m a little worried because I bought a Edited by mac2lad, 16 February – You can order replacement shafts through your Titleist dealer. Search Advanced Search section: Now you can set loft and lie angle independently of one another, thanks to the versatile SureFit Tour SFT hosel with patented “dual angle” technology.


CONS Proves to be too demanding for some mid-handicappers; not the most forgiving of the bunch. I think if you want a little closed look without changing the loft, you can accomplish by making it more upright. Sign Up for Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. Any advise would be greatly helpful. I have it set in the a-3 position.

From what you have said what is the difference between opening or closing the face on titlejst with my d2 and making adjustt adjustments available on the d?

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