Problem – When hitting wood shots off the tee, the ball hits the top of the golf club and shoots up into the sky producing no distance and accuracy. We’ve all been — haven’t we’ve all been in that situation where you’re lined up on the first tee; a bit of a crowd watching you behind there, you’re nervous because it’s the start of the day. In order to shorten your backswing and improve your swing as a whole, you are going to need to put in some serious practice time on the range. Your hitting down on the ball — and sky shot issues — may be caused by a simple ball positioning issue. Now I’m saying everyone’s been there, thankfully it’s a while since I’ve been there. Correcting Your Tee Height. All of the instruction below is based on a right handed golfer.

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Correcting Your Tee Height.

However, skyinng necessarily as simple as just pushing your tee farther into the ground, because you don’t want to overcorrect and end up teeing the ball too low.

Although the position of your right knee might seem like a small detail, it can make a big difference to the length of your swing — and in turn, it can help you stop skying the driver.

Stop Skying The Ball Forever

With such a small margin of error available to you, it shouldn’t be a surprise if you sky a few drives from time to time. In addition to feeling frustrated that you have put your ball in a bad spot, you tl feel embarrassed about the shot you just hit.

This will be high enough to strike the ball cleanly, however not too high to get under the golf ball too much. Only when you are sure you have figured out what is going wrong can you move on to making the fixes required. Make a few practice ‘swings’ without a club using this drill, and then return to hitting shots as normal.

Getting mad won’t make the problem any better, so take a deep breath and think through your swing logically until you deciding what it causing the ball to fly straight up into the air.


Fortunately, with a plan and a little preparation, you can make sure that your ball is teed up at the right height for each and every shot. The idea is simple — you are going to make a pretend practice swing while trying to get your right foot to come off the ground in the follow through. This can easily be achieved through gripping down on the club slightly.

Sky Shots – How to Stop Skying Golf Balls In the Air

Instead of producing a fat shot, the clubhead will proceed to travel underneath the ball and will catch it on the top line or the crown of the club.

During the backswing, the right knee is responsible for maintaining a solid position and keeping your lower body in place.

When your knee moves to the right, that motion can lead your whole body to sway off balance, and a long list of problems can result. This also leaves a scratch mark on the crown slying your uow or wood. Think of your right knee in the backswing as starting a chain reaction. While the previous scenarios looked at several ball and lie situations that could lead so sky shots the following concern specific swing errors that can lead to the same golf shot error. Skying the ball when it is sitting up in the rough is akin to hitting a shot fat.

Skying the driver is ho that can leave you doubting your ability to hit good shots — srop if there really isn’t anything wrong with your swing technique. Once you understand how your lower body can power the swing by rotating hard toward the target, you should be able to repeat that motion over and over again.

Where the ball is teed up and it goes straight underneath it, and leaves a mark on the leading edge. Using Your Lower Body Correctly.

Golf Info Guide copyrightPrivacy Policy. The skynig you see on TV almost always wind up well-balanced over their left leg as they watch the ball sail through the air, and you should be aiming for the same kind of finish. Sorry You have reached the maximum number of submissions for today. In order to shorten your backswing and improve your swing as a whole, you are going to need to put in some serious practice time on the range.


Once you have taken your stance, ask your friend to hold the grip end of the club against the outside of your right knee. Using long clubs such as a driver or a fairway wood command that you use a flatter swing, in contrast to a very steep one. Adjustments are therefore needed to make sure the club hits the ball cleanly.

Golf Driving – How To Stop Skying The Golf Driver Video

Outside of the teeing ground sky shots also occur frequently in jow rough, especially when the conditions allow for fluffy lie conditions. When you get back home, use the ‘winning’ tee as a guide to mark up a bunch of other tees in your bag with a line at the appropriate tee height.

Otherwise, it may be a good idea to hover the club above the ball at address instead of setting the club down behind the ball it as you normally would. Even if you aren’t a great skuing, you still have plenty of timing mechanisms already built into your swing. Cure – The first and most simple cure could be that you are just teeing the golf ball up too high. A ball found towards the middle of the stance instead will see the club catching the ball on a descending blow instead of after the bottom of the swing arc is reached, while the club is rising up.

A good way to work on this leg movement is to ask a friend to help you while at the driving range.

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