Message 2 of All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Everything seems to be running normally so my question is this: That shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have three SATA motherboard connectors. You apparently want to have three SATA drives. When you install drivers and do the Have Disk, you’re offered several options for the device. This thread is locked.

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Fly3r Replied on June 26, Im not sure what to suggest there is limited drivers on the asus site -personally if it isnt causing you any problems I would just leave it – w7 has loaded a driver for it – there are 3 ais – this seems wrong but if its working zis ignore and think your lucky – post back about bios setup – to tell you the truth I have’t any experience with these boards and I cant find anything on the nvidia site driver wise for NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI chipset.

Regarding the concern you have about uninstalling the Hard drive, you are only uninstalling the ATA channel.

Another option, if you have no IDE drives connected, is to disable that controller in bios setup. Wed Sep 10, I did forget to say before that Device Manager also shows, in the USB controllers section, there is an Unknown Device and the Properties show an error message of “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems.


Message 9 of If the bios sees a drive then windows will see it too. Thu Sep 11, I see two drivers at Gigabyte’s site: Use Question Form such as ” Why? I had just clicked next and ended up with the EBS2 drivers. Message 3 of So I think that is what my hard drive is connected to.

Windows explorer won’t see a hard drive until it has a valid partition on it but it should have no problem with optical drives. When uninstalled repeat the process for each channel.

Message 4 of Jul 1, Posts: All is right now. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Uninstalling Channel 1 didn’t help. This doesn’t include the controllers listed under Storage Controllers. Only IDE contrller in the system is a floppy drive for legacy archives. Any way it says the the location doesn’t contain information for that hardware. Prospero Ars Praefectus Tribus: I had my head up and locked and forgot to install the Nforce4 driver.

I’ve fixed that issue once using that solution.

What Is a SIS PCI IDE Controller?

Further, I would suggest you to provide us with the information listed in device manager. Message 2 of You can get your latest bios update at the Asus site – use the asus live update utility -its easy to use from inside the OS -DOWNLOAD the bios file then open the utility and locate the folder its in using browse.


This is why these shenanigans are needed switching over to a device Windows has already seen and bound a driver to, then changing the mode, then installing the driver for the new PCI ID thus binding it to the ICH10R in that mode, then switching the drive back to the ICH10R.

Actually just installed Vista It says it has no problems and is working fine, but the drive does not show in the Advanced Settings tab.

I take that back. Message 7 of If you switch device manager to view devices by connection, and expand the PCI bus tree, you will see the two controllers with their channels attached.

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