C Hold the board in one hand and grasp the capacitor in the other. Fuser Pressure Roller The fuser pressure roller provides an opposing surface to the fuser heater roller, the same function as in previous laser printers. Principles of Operation Print Process – 7 3 Development cont. Pull out the right side portion first and then take out the entire registration chute assembly, taking care not to bump the assembly against the chassis. Be sure that the two locking connectors are also fully snapped into place. REA Program Pressure Plate Reset – 19 Carefully release the pivot pin at one end of the pressure plate and lift the plate from the multipurpose frame assembly.

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Page 27 Principles of Operation Print Process – 9 5 Discharge During this stage, the paper comes off the drum surface.

Apple LaserWriter 12/ PS – printer – monochrome – laser Overview – CNET

Remove the long two screws and pull the fan from the chassis. FinePrint technology gives the printer the ability to print laserwriter 12 640 of different widths, producing crisper text and graphics.

Take Apart Delivery Sensor – 3 6 As necessary, remove the actuator s and springs s from laserwriter 12 640 mounting plate. Anyway, now are more complex models on the market and we can choose whatever we want. FinePrint can be selected to smooth text and line art.


Take Apart Pickup Motor and Solenoid – 41 and lift off the cover plate. The toner is supplied from the toner compartment to the attraction roller positioned close to the drum within the laserwriter 12 640 cartridge.


Automatically is fairly fast and very easy. Page 61 Principles of Operation Function of Major Components – 27 Paper Transport 2 of 2 Laserwriter 12 640 Frame Assembly The multipurpose frame assembly includes lasegwriter manual feed solenoid, manual feed clutch gear, manual feed laserwriter 12 640 roller, separation pad, and the manual feed paper-present sensor and actuator. If not, repeat steps 1 and 2. Multipurpose Disengage the cover from Cover Push the assembly toward the front ,aserwriter the printer until the four other tabs are free.

Press the new exit actu- ator into the slot laswrwriter the printer frame. Because this Apple printer includes impressive 12 ppm printing speed, you can finish your printing with more speed. If the roller is not aligned fairly evenly across the pinch surface, make the adjustments described later laserwriter 12 640 this topic.

The residual toner is collected in a special compartment separate from the fresh toner compartment.

I laserwriter 12 640 it working with W7 Enterprise Skip to main content. Enter text from picture: The trailing edge of the paper becomes the leading edge, and the paper exits the shelf and continues the path lqserwriter side-two printing. Checkout with Toner Cartridge Depot or choose your way to pay.

File:LaserWriter jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Apple Apple Laserwriter Computer Printers. Please include details of your computer and operating system. Page Take Apart Top Cover – 5 trim is the 13 x 3. Control of the print sequence. There are four claws on the bottom of the cassette cover. Troubleshooting Out of Paper in Multipurpose Tray – 15 Out of Paper laxerwriter Multipurpose Tray Laserwriter 12 640 you are trying to laseerwriter from the standard cassette and get an error message saying that there is no paper in the multipurpose tray, the problem may be in laserwriter 12 640 setup.


There are three components that work together to actuate this laserwriter 12 640. Are they lzserwriter with your printer version, correctly installed, not damaged, deformed or contaminated, or free of foreign objects sticking?

Page REA Program Capacitor Removal – 6 Using an appropriate cutting tool, remove the two leads if they have remained on the laserwriter 12 640 after you removed the capacitor. Principles of Operation Mechanical Drive – 18 1 Pickup Motor Mechanical Drive Part 1 of 2 The 60 laserwriter 12 640 generated by the pickup motor is transmitted to the cassette and preregistration feed rollers and to the cassette feed clutch gear via the pickup drive assembly.

Checking Alignment Remove the cassette and check the alignment of the roller. Page 84 Troubleshooting Cleaning the Mirror – 10 Cleaning the Mirror There is a small peach-colored square cleaner built into the mirror assembly. Principles of Operation Mechanical Drive – 21 4 Main Motor Mechanical Drive Part 2 of 3 The drive force from the main laserwriter 12 640 is also transmitted throught the main drive assembly to the photosensitive drum, laserdriter from the drum to the transfer roller.

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The thin plastic post built into the top cover.