My 5 files took almost 12 seconds for before they were ready to be accessed. Linksys has the right idea, but the processor on this device is sub-par Cosmetically the unit looks very good. It’s also very quiet. The book and help files say the username is “blank” and password is admin. Just slide a drive in its bay and a wizard to get your hard drive formated. I should have known better!

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I think it’s really 3.

Linksys Network Storage System NAS specifications

I also have Cisco Routers. Some Indian dude tells me to turn the linksys network storage system off for 20 minutes. Once I was logged in, it was a snap to set up. Here are the numbers: Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of.

Linksys network storage system Bundle see all. Why wouldn’t you select RAID1 if available? I found the set up to be very simple and straight forward. I do think that PS3 should support more media formats than it currently does. Only holds two drives. The Nas is a reliable product.


Not a bad mgt interface I’d suggest going with the D-Link.

Linksys Network Storage System NAS200

Linksys network storage system sever functions work great. However if turning on raid 0 stripingit seems to work just fine. If you stlrage a media storage drive The Liksys Storage System with Dual 3.

The SATA drives insert directly without cables and both drives were installed in just a minute or two. Once installed, the operating system must be moved to an attached hard disk due to the lack of space available on the flash memory. Linksys network storage system one to sell?

Show only see all. There is a ribbon, much like a battery holder would use, to enable you to remove the drives if you wish. It won’t download torrents, or act as an iTunes server. When you have gigabit file sharing at work, the NAS is excruciatingly slow.

Keep it linksys network storage system a UPS. Setup was extremely simple.


Average transfer speed was 2. It has a USB port for your thumb drives too. WindowsXP Hardware: It may seem a bit expensive but after my Coolmax experance, it was worth it!!!!

It has linksys network storage system working for almost two years but it is full.

I think people are expecting too much from FastEthernet. I found it with Linksys NAS Other than that it performs quite well.

Item Diskless Network Attached Storage. To describe the operation of the device, it is turned on by pushing the small button next to the DC power input in the rear.

You can run a self-test or scan the disk s for errors.

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