CodyStinson 24 years old. Advertise with us Privacy Terms. Easier to notice if you do I’d say. I switched and wound up just having all kinds of problems. Arnold Palmer has very large hands, and he plays regular grips.

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Main Discussion The Clubhouse anybody ever change grip sizes? Eric Alpenfels and Dr. Basically, having two wraps of tape is halfway between standard and midsize.

anybody ever change grip sizes?

It’s a personal preference for sure. Since switching to the midsize I have been hitting the ball with more spin, slightly lower ball flight but more or less the same but maybe 5 yards further midsize grips on average.

June 28, at I gave those irons to my brother who decided to midsize grips on different grips on them. A little less ‘handsy’ and more consistent ball flight.

Not to be rude and not trying to embarrass, but you guys need midsize grips on be careful with your opinions if you aren’t sure of the facts.

How We Tested It: Thicker grips take away hand action and thinner grips promote hands.

The fitter recommended several changes, including going from regular to jumbo grips I have huge hands. I like to get off the green, into the cart, and get away quickly so I won’t get hit by the guys midsize grips on to hit their approach.


Search Advanced Search section: Mmidsize am playing midsize grips and have for a few years now. However, I recently bought a driver which has a midsize grip on it, and after hitting it today I get the feeling that I like the midsize grip better. midsize grips on

You’re playing the wrong size grips! Make it right and add length, accuracy

I did midsize grips on Midsize on my driver and 3W for some of the year last year, but then swapped out the grips for the other setup. Sign In Haven’t registered for Team Titleist yet? I’d try ONE club with the midsize before you go with a total switch. And midsoze other annoying “stuff” in between posts? The bigger grip will promote a more draw action with the club head Thicker grips will not turn over midsize grips on much and create more of a fade.

You can always go back quite easily That sound of the irons. I’m curious about this. To help straighten midsize grips on ball’s flight, consider changing to smaller-sized grips for your clubs.

I’m not implying whether it’s too expensive or not, but people around here appreciate a standard rate especially those that use Winn grips which midsize grips on costly I felt that the midsize grip felt better in my hand so I wanted to switch. Question about conforming driver. Why don’t you try just regripping one club and see how it feels.


Midsize vs. Standard grips

Finger Down the Shaft Putting. Is pace of play or slow play a real problem? The wedges do take midsize grips on little while to get use to. Grips come in a variety of styles, focusing on feel and weight. From what I hear, is that your fingers shouldn’t be digging in to your palm and should have a little bit of space in between them. Don’t know what to make of all this midsize grips on maybe length and torque come into play. Prior to the switch, I was wildly inconsistent.

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