But customers will hardly see these packages, as this is a budget card. Mode of operation is simple: It seems like a bit of extra trouble, but having the option to choose your own game bundle might be nice. The heatsink has a copper base. Should we expect troubles from this card, is it not friendly? They will be also reviewed in turn. Besides, you can use RivaTuner to set the rotational speed to minimum.

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We shall get back to this issue below. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to unlock pipelines, so overclockers will have to be satisfied with modifying frequencies.

In fact, even a reference cooler would have been enough.

ATI Radeon X800 GTO AGP

Unique exterior and usual mode of operation. It has become a very attractive product, after its performance was improved and its price reduced to raeeon level of the competing GeForce GT. Packages have windows to demonstrate video cards – it makes them look more attractive and more convenient for users.

We haven’t run across such heart-shaped heatsinks before: Coupled with a competitive price, it looks like a winner, albeit a short-lived one, as ATI is probably now concentrating on the new Sappihre X series. At least they look more refined now. I cannot guarantee that all such cards will come with unlocked 16 pipelines.


This generally isn’t a problem though, as most likely the card will be shut away inside your computer case. And its Partner Number One just keeps working and manufacturing a lot of video cards.

ATi Radeon X GTO PCI-E Video Card – Reviews, Specifications, and Pictures –

Mode of operation is simple: The X XT has an obvious advantage – a good cooling system, which drives the hot air out of a PC case. The cooler has another outlet – it expands in the upper part. It’s a similar device, but it has a larger heatsink plus a more powerful turbine and a copper insert in the heatsink that touches a core.

The card quality is up to the mark, we have no gripes with it. Let’s review the cooling systems. It will last seconds and then the demo should start 3DMark05 1. Athlon 64 Socket based computer CPU: Gradual reduction of prices for such cards increases their popularity. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news.

Today we are going to review seven cards from Sapphire! Well, we don’t actually z800 any or at least we don’t think we do.

This card is just a step higher in the X1xxx series, but the face on the package becomes evil, the jacket gets whiter. As the cards grow more powerful, the traits are getting more blurred and start to raeon the first alien mummies, probably corpses of native gamers delivered from Mars.

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Review: SAPPHIRE X GTO Ultimate MB PCIe – Graphics –

What concerns the X1xxx series, the X and X XT cards are manufactured by Sapphire on its own, they are also copies of the reference design. Just these very cards from Sapphire two of them took part in the tests. But we know that such products are based on the R core not on the R coreso they can be overclocked to a much higher frequency.

Which of these four ladies would you ask to the dance? It’s quite large actually.

The quality is up to the mark, but there are some overheating problems. Besides, the R is round the corner. Cooling method is much more efficient than in traditional coolers with a central heatsink, but it’s not enough for modern Hi-End accelerators. It’s clocked the same as a standard GTO with an engine clock of MHz and a memory clock of MHz, yet runs noise-free with the help of a huge heat sink on the back replacing the fan.

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