Disk data transfer rate. The T11 not only looks good from outside: The OpenGL 64 bit comparison is similar: Optional accessories in Sony’s online shop are restricted to a few mice and two cases. Also, the tiny antenna in a USB dongle cannot really compete with one built into a display lid. There are neither protruding corners nor uneven gaps on the T The Synaptics touchpad is a ClickPad on which both lower corners serve as keys.

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High quality cells manufactured by Samsung, Panasonic or LG 12 month warranty.

Detailed picture editing is unfortunately impossible already due to the very tight vertical viewing angle. A third USB port in view of the available room at the sides. Optional accessories in Sony’s online shop are restricted to a few mice and two cases.

The lid can be dented marginally in the center, but it is impossible to build an armored tank with a total thickness of 5 mm – especially since the LED backlight needs a bit of room for a homogeneous illumination.

After taking out the battery, three more cross-slot screws are removed to lift off the maintenance cover. The pressure point is perceived early and is accurate. That makes some three year-old netbooks look good. Speech sounds very high-pitched, but it is at least well-intelligible even in low volume.


Sony VAIO T Series (svta11w)

In contrast to some other laptops, it can only be depressed in the center with a bit of force and does not move when typing on it. Get an immediate offer. It is a very compact laptop featuring a dedicated graphics card, a WWAN UMTS option, a superior x inch screen and even an integrated optical drive. Nevertheless, many modifications can be made in the Synaptics driver when required. Chrome Download the latest version. A newer version of your browser may be available.

The performance of a computer is always noticed when it is missing. Powered USB can, for example, recharge a phone even sont the laptop is off.

The T11 not only looks good from outside: We have no complaints concerning the pad’s responsiveness. The Elder Scrolls V: The keyboard only clatters a bit when typing more vigorously. What did you like about this product? For users who want more power, the laptop can be upgraded with a full-blown SSD which would improve the responsiveness even more.


For more details and comparisons, refer to our test of the T13 pre-series model featuring identical components. Even if Sony does not include a PSU with the same color svt111a11d the laptop, the T11 comes with a small and lightweight power supply unit that does not increase the travel weight much.


The layout mostly corresponds to the standard and should not cause any problems during the familiarization period. None of the games that we tested surpassed the critical 30 fps mark on the iM. Skyrim 17 9 fps Anno 21 12 6 fps Guild Wars 2 22 7 fps. Our site is not optimized for your current browser. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

Ladi Drivers

Desktop performance for Windows Aero. We could not test a setup of three screens due to the lack of one monitor. The key size of 15 x 14 mm is roughly the same as on a desktop keyboard.

Sony’s T13 inch sister model weighs 1. So, how will the new T model fare compared with all newcomers?

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